Bear Smart Dining in Whistler - How we can make informed restaurant choices to help keep our bears safe and wild

Bear Smart Dining in Whistler

How we can make informed restaurant choices to help keep our bears safe and wild

Sometimes bears wander into the village but how can we blame them? If the food smells good to us, it smells even better to them. Bears’ sense of smell is 20, 000 times stronger than ours!

Whistler is home to around 50 black bears. Every year 1 out of 5 bears are killed from human-bear conflict, these deaths are preventable. In 2011, a bear was killed after entering a restaurant. According to BC law, when a bear enters a building it is seen as a public safety threat and must be killed. If you want to help be a part of the solution, choose to eat at Bear Smart recognized restaurants. These restaurants have undergone training and follow Bear Smart practices!

Bear Smart recognized restaurants ensure that bears stay wild by doing the following:

Identifying what attracts bears: food waste, recycling, garbage and more

Securing all attractants

Knowing how to effectively deter a bear away from the property

“The Bear Smart Restaurant Program reflects a commitment to Whistler and all its inhabitants. Many staff working in Whistler have come from abroad and don’t understand the process in protecting bears and it is just a good reminder for others that it is everyone’s job to keep Whistler the way it’s meant to be.”

– Duncan Savage of Palmer’s Gallery and Grill

These restaurants went through the effort of completing the Bear Smart restaurant program. When you dine at these restaurants you are supporting restaurants that are actively helping save bears lives!

Palmer’s Gallery and Grill

Earls Kitchen + Bar


Cinnamon Bear Bar and Grille

In order to reduce human-bear conflict related deaths to zero, we must be Bear Smart in all aspects of our lives: work and play. We all have to do our part to keep bears wild. Please visit to find out how to be Bear Smart.

If you manage or work at a restaurant and are interesting in participate in the program, contact . The training consists of a free online 15 minute course.

Bear Aware Whistler




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